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When you come to Blue Grass Home Entertainment to remedy your technology needs, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of a professionally trained project manager and skilled technicians who represent a small business that’s served the central Kentucky area for a quarter of a century. While every client’s needs differ, the process is generally the same. So, what happens when you trust BGHE to solve your integration needs?

Step One: Understanding your needs and budget

When we first take on a job, we meet with our potential clients during a free consultation to better understand what we can do for them. Do they need a whole-house audio system? A security network that keeps their house under constant protection? Or perhaps just a simple TV and speaker configuration? Listening and problem solving are some of our project managers’ many skills, and they will work with you to create an estimate that reflects the work you want done. As part of the largest buying group in the country, our prices are right in line with those of the big box stores and are backed by a support staff that actually cares about you long after the buying process.

Step Two: Creating an estimate

Our project managers will come up with an estimate of equipment and labor costs, and work with you to find a solution that is congenial with your budget and completes your technology goals. Once you approve of the estimate and put a deposit down, we’ll begin gathering the materials needed to complete your project.

Step Three: Visiting our Lifestyle Showroom

No matter how sure you are that you want a specific thing, it doesn’t hurt to try it, right? By visiting our showroom, you can try before you buy to ensure that the work you’re getting done is truly what you want. You don’t have to hope that a TV will produce a pretty picture, you can come see it for yourself — and compare it with other potential choices.

Step Four: Ordering and gathering the equipment

Our team will order your equipment or pull items from our stock to ensure that when it comes time to work, your job is completed as smoothly as possible without interruption. Sometimes, this process takes hardly any time at all, other times (especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic) it may take a few weeks for our suppliers to stock us with what your project needs.

Step Five: Installation and Education

Once the materials are in, we’ll be ready to proceed. Your project manager will call to schedule a time for our technicians to come to your home or business. Our certified, top-notch technicians will work to install your technology solution over a matter of hours or days depending upon the job’s requirements.Throughout the process, your project manager will stay in touch with updates and be available in case you need to change or add anything to your project. Before our technicians leave, they’ll teach you how to use your equipment and make sure you’re familiar with your system’s components.

Step Six: Final Invoice and Payment

Once your project has been completed to your satisfaction, we’ll present you with your final invoice to wrap up the job process.

Step Seven: Continued Support

When your project is done by BGHE, you can rest assured that any problems you have can be addressed by calling our store — not a 1-800 number. Our managers and technicians are ready to assist with any questions or troubleshooting you might have with your system or equipment.

However big or small your next technology integration project is, call to speak with a member of the BGHE team to set up a free consultation.